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A Parish Nurse is Your Friend in Healthcare


What is a Parish Nurse?


Your parish nurse is a health professional with years of healthcare experience.  She or he is also familiar with your congregation and may already know you and your family as a friend.  Most parish nurses are very familiar with the healthcare resources in a community and network widely to expand that knowledge and keep it current.  In addition, Parish Nurses can help you and your doctor locate services you need to assist you at a trying time.


She or he may visit with you, assist you in understanding your diagnosis, or invite you to a support group for people with similar concerns.  Or, they may coordinate volunteers to help you with special needs such as meals or transportation.


Many Parish Nurses work hand-in-hand with a health committee in the congregation that can help you when it’s appropriate, and all work closely with clergy and physicians to support you in the care of your body, mind, and spirit. 


A Parish Nurse Can Help You in Times of Need

  • While a serious illness can be frightening and disorienting, you are not alone.  Your parish nurse can spend time with you to assist you in understanding what is happening.


Parish Nurses Are There for You in the Stages of Your Life

  • Parish Nurses can help when someone makes painful decisions about care for a loved one.


Ask a Parish Nurse for Help

  • Your first point of contact for the HGA Parish Nurse Ministry is Anne Rosenberger, who may be reached at 484-650-0195. 


Join the HGA Parish Nurse Ministry

  • If you want to join the HGA Parish Nurse Ministry, please get in touch with Anne Rosenberger, R.N., at 484-650-0195.


Our Parish Nursing Mission Statement

We are a growing Catholic family, guided by our faith to meet the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of each person in our parish. As parish nurses, we act as a vital link between the faith and medical communities. The ministry is rooted in scripture, specifically Jesus’s command to “preach and heal the sick.” Luke 9:2.



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