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At Holy Guardian Angels Parish, we offer many ways for you to memorialize and honor your family, friends, and neighbors. The most common way parishioners do this is by offering a Mass. However, with such a large parish, sometimes the date or Mass time you would like is not available. Here are some of the alternate ways you can remember your loved ones.

A gift in memory of or in honor of a family member or loved one is also an option.  Click the button below to give a gift "In Memory" of the deceased or "In Honor" of a living person(s) for special intentions.  Popular memorials for the living include milestone birthdays, anniversaries, or special occasions.  

Sanctuary Flowers 

We offer six different locations in the sanctuary that you may purchase flowers for your family member or friend.

You may choose the weekend, placement, and colors and we will order them for you. 

  • Crucifix - $125 - one arrangement at the foot of the Cross

  • Tabernacle - $150 - matching arrangements on either side of the Tabernacle

  • Blessed Mother Altar - $100

  • St. Joseph - $75

  • Ambo (pulpit) - $100

  • Rosary of Fresh Roses for the Blessed Mother - $50

Flower Fund: If you do not have a specific sanctuary flower request but would like to donate toward the Flower Fund, please send your donation to the Rectory or drop it in the collection basket in an envelope marked "Flower Fund."

Named Candles

You may purchase a named candle which will burn during the week of your choosing in your loved ones name.
We offer:

  • Sanctuary Candle, Church - One Candle

  • Sanctuary Candle, Chapel - One Candle

  • Blessed Mother Candle – Two available each week

  • St. Joseph Candle - Two available each week

  • Guardian Angels - Four available each week

 All candles are $10 and burn for 7 days.

Please call Rachel Toledo at 610-921-2729, ext. 2200 to make arrangements.  

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