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Unshaken - Part II of Walking with Purpose

Walking with Purpose is so much more than a Bible Study! Unshaken: Opening Your Heart is a six-lesson Bible study for young adult women (ages 21-35) that invites you to fill your spiritual toolbox with exactly what you need to grow stronger in our faith. Unshaken is an opportunity to encounter the Lord's love for you!

God doesn't want you spinning through life, untethered, wondering if what you are doing matters, if you matter, if you belong. With a passion that took Him to the cross, He wants you to know that you are adored and wanted, and that He has a plan for you.

Scheduled Dates are:

  • Tuesday, June 25

  • Tuesday, July 2

  • Tuesday, July 9

  • Tuesday, July 16

Please RSVP via email to or call the rectory at 610-921-2729, ext. 2203. Unshaken is a free series. A free-will offering will be taken up at it's conclusion.



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